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Among the subtypes of a simple view, there are two main ones: Localized - in which an exacerbation of epidermolysis occurs in the summer. Blisters appear on the palms, feet, or all over the body, but their number usually decreases with age. The disease can accompany several generations. The generalized Dowling-Meara type is one of Valtrex pills severe forms of epidermolysis bullosa. It is characterized by the appearance of blisters from birth. Additional symptoms may include:

This variety often has an unfavorable prognosis - the mortality of newborns with this diagnosis is high. It is characterized by the appearance of blisters at the level of the upper parts of the papillary layer of generic valacyclovir, but at the same time below the level of the dense plate. The localization of the blisters is mainly the arms and legs, sometimes the whole body. Symptoms in most cases are standard - erosion, blisters, scarring, dystrophy or loss of the nail plates. Frequent relapses of the disease. In most cases, it is characterized by severe damage to the skin.

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This species is characterized by the appearance of valacyclovir in the layers of the skin, which correspond to the level of the light skin plate. Additional symptoms of the advanced stage can be anemia, pneumonia, sepsis, eye diseases, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, foci of granulation tissue on the face and in the armpits. The symptoms of both subtypes are similar, but the type of Herlitz differs in more severe lesions of the body. A separate type, in which the appearance of blisters is possible at different levels of the layers of the skin of the upper and lower extremities. Their formation occurs already by the time the baby is born. In addition to the formation of bubbles inThe following symptoms are possible.

Medical treatment for this disease begins with diagnosis - it makes it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis, including the subtype of epidermolysis, which makes it possible to prescribe a specific treatment. They allow you to assess the level of violation of the structure of genes and the depth of the skin layers affected by the disease. It is obligatory to collect a patient's history - obtaining information about the presence of family diseases, the duration of the disease, its manifestations and symptoms, and a comprehensive examination of all body systems, urine and blood tests.

As the patient grows, the number of newly formed blisters decreases, but the skin becomes very thin, sensitive, and small blood vessels may appear close to the surface of the skin. Timely diagnosis and determination of an accurate diagnosis - a subtype of Valtrex pills online bullosa can provide an opportunity to improve the quality of life of a small patient and create an obstacle to the development of relapses of the disease.

Valacyclovir is a prodrug of acyclovir that forms ester with valine.

Hygienic procedures for blisters, wounds, foci of erosion and ulcers on the skin. This is necessary for their speedy overgrowth and reducing the likelihood of their growth - as dressings, special non-stick bandages are most often used without emerging threads that can injure the patient's delicate skin. Protein therapy - requiring the introduction of a certain amount of protein into the body. Cellular therapy, in which cells containing healthy genes responsible for protein coding are introduced into the patient's body. Gene therapy, characterized in the body of genes that replace those with a broken structure. Some methods of combined treatment. Application for the treatment of brain stem cells, both donor and own. The use of specialized drugs that prevent the blocking of protein coding. Treatment of concomitant diseases - depending on their severity and degree of damage to the body.


Methods of treatment of bullous epidermolysis.

As a rule, complex systematic treatment is prescribed, which may include the following components:


Life expectancy with epidermolysis bullosa.

It should be noted that active work is currently underway on the scientific development of methods for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa, both in the USAn Federation and abroad.


The second variant of the course of the disease often ends in death in infancy.

But there is still no single way to diagnose and treat this disease, and the qualifications of specialists are not up to the mark everywhere, which does not guarantee a successful outcome for patients with a similar diagnosis.


The life expectancy of people with this diagnosis is usually low.

In addition to medical indications, it depends on the degree of patient care - in this case, parents need to make every effort and patience - this will make it possible to improve the quality of life of a small patient.


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Epidermolysis bullosa is a chronic pathology that is transmitted at the gene level. The main symptom is the appearance of weeping sores and blisters on the surface of the epidermis and mucous membranes. The skin becomes completely unprotected from mechanical touch, this causes an immediate reaction - the formation of rashes.

According to the type of combination of genes, two paths of inheritance of pathology are distinguished - dominant and recessive. It can manifest itself in the first days of a baby's life or within a few months from the moment of birth.